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Hi all,
I'm Deb, live in Tx. First experienced anxiety about 1990, back then was put on Tranzene(sp?) and it seemed to help. Anxiety started to diminish when I stopped working at the place i was at, and then a few years ago it started to come back. It started becoming bad when my mom got sick last year, worrying about her and trying to help take care of her. I often had attacks and knew it was stress related. you name the symptom, I had it, but mostly a dizzy, lightheaded feeling, feeling that something was going to happen to me but I don't know what, a panicked feeling that I was going to die and afraid that no one would be able to help me.
My mom passed Jan 31 of this year, and initially I felt a small amount of relief from anxiety because I knew she was no longer suffering. Then, here lately I have started to just feel anxious at any given moment. I can't let anyone else drive me anywhere. I am afraid to get on a plane because I worry that I will wig out on the plane and have no way to escape. Once, I had a panic attack at lunch time in a restaurant and since then, JUST at lunchtime, I sometimes can't go out to eat for fear of having an attack. Alot of times I worry about every single thing-having to take care of my dad who just had surgery, cleaning my house, toting kids to and fro, getting the house remodeled, everything. Everything I have to do, not even that it all needs to get done in one day but then I start feeling overwhelmed and anxiety starts up. The other day I was at my dad's house and my sister came in complaining about things going on in her life and I didnt' even realize it but I started feeling nauseated, lightheaded, dizzy, hot. I was so scared I was going to vomit (yet another fear) and I went to the bathroom. As I was in there, chanting to God not to let me die or throw up and promising all sorts of crazy things, my sister left and the minute I heard the door slam, I felt at least 80 percent better. It's weird.
I don't take any meds because I am so afraid that if I go to the doctor they are going to find a million things wrong with me. Sometimes I feel hypoglycemic becuase I haven't eaten or something and then I get scared by that feeling and it becomes worse. I feel like I have so many issues, it's unreal. Small little chest pain, I think it's a heart attack. Head ache, aneurysm. Cancer, stroke, you name it, I think I have it sometimes.
Anyway, Just wanted to say hi to you all, state my issues, and say thanks for writing about yours becaus sometimes just reading that others have the same issues makes me feel like I'm not going to die from it and others live with it and find ways to make it better.

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