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the last few years my anxiety has been so intense.

I can't even go to the store anymore, because I get anxiety attacks. I mean I will go to the store but I get really stressed out and my face turns red and I start sweating, my chest feels heavy, I feel like people are judging me whenever there's a lot of people around. I hate paying for stuff at the counter because I get really anxious that the person is judging me. I do it anyways though...because I know avoiding it won't make it better, but lately acting against my anxiety doesn't really seem to help either.

I hate social situations. I guess maybe I've had bad experiences... I'm now homeschooled because the anxiety of school was just too intense. I'd go without sleep for days on end, sometimes 56 hours. I know staying home doesn't help, but I felt like if I wanted to stay sane it was the best thing to do until I feel like I could handle a "normal" life.

I have been on like a ton of medication for depression/anxiety, but those NEVER helped me. I feel like if anything they confused me. Don't really wana get into it much but I've been on klonopin, zoloft, buspar, lexapro, wellbutrin and a bunch more.

But anyways let me name some more things that get me really anxious, to the point I can't function:
Going for walks, going outside, playing sports, doing anything in front of people, going to the store, having people over, taking criticism, meeting people, tons of stuff...

But I get these anxiety attacks and its horrible. I hate the sweaty feeling with butterflies in my stomach and my face gets all red and I just feel like everyone's looking at me and judging me, and this all the time....
I know it sounds stupid, 3 years ago that would sound stupid to me but for me its a sad reality, and no matter how many times I face my 'fears' they never seem to get better. When I do face them its almost like I slip into a shell... I don't know how to explain it.

Is there anyway to fix this?? Has anyone had these problems?

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