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And I am so happy to have found this board!!!! It is good to know that other people suffer from anxiety, but it is wonderful to know that some people fell EXACTLY the way I do!!!

My name is Sara and I am 31. I have suffered from GAD for about 3 years, which started from panic attacks. My fear is having a heart attack and dying suddenly and leaving my kids, (Ages 7 & 4), and knowing they would cry for me. If I think about dying in a car accident it doesn't produce anxiety, nor does cancer or anything else...just my heart. I also have that over sensitive thing that people talk about, I notice every sensation in my chest and then magnify it. I take 150mg of Efexor XR a day, in the mornings.

I read a book by Dr Claire Weekes and it was awesome. It is rather old but this woman is great. My mum put me on to this book as she suffered anxiety when us kids were little, and my Nana did when her kids were little, and my cousin too. Anyone notice a pattern here? Ha ha!

So, I agree that this type of thing can be hereditary, making you predisposed to developing anxiety, and I also agree that it has a lot to do with hormones. I get panicky before my periods, and I found going on the pill helped, evened out the hormonal fluctuations.

When I am suffering anxiety I do the deep breathing, starting by holding my breath for 3-4 seconds. It is really hard but if I persevere it does help me relax. I listen to relaxation tapes and I have tried the Linden Method. I find if my husband massages my shoulders when I am suffering anxiety that helps me to relax, releases some of the tension.

I have had ECG's done and my heart is fine. I need to lose weight, but I am scared of exercise cos it makes my heart pound, but I also know that exercise would be good to help me lose weight (less stress on my heart if I lose weight see?) and it would release endorphins and use up excess adrenaline etc etc. On a good day I know all this and it is so logical, but on a bad day..well. you all know how it is! (Today is a good day by the way!)

Sorry I have rambled, but there is so much I want to tell everyone, cos I am so excited that I am not alone!!!

I look forward to 'meeting' you all, and wish you all the love and luck in the world!

Sara :angel:

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