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I actually went to the doctor thinking I might have ADD. I was finally convinced to try allopathic medicine but I was a bit scared to be put on something with extreme side effects. He tried out Lamictal and Seroquel on me which effectively made me sleep (I was sleeping about 20 hours a week) and cut down my anxiety and depression. So I was definitely bipolar in his opinion. I stopped riding a rollercoaster of emotions and my brain started think in a more linear manner. And no more anxiety attacks making me pass out. Woo. But Seroquel started to wreak havok on my body. I worked out almost daily with MTV Power Yoga and running but I still couldn't lose the ten lbs it put on me. Eventually I asked to be taken off of it. I found some disturbing news that it and another atypical antipsychotic can cause diabetes. Yeesh.

But I kept getting anxiety attacks that just made me lay down until it passed. And I still felt a little crazy and unable to focus. So I went back and we tried Effexor. Bad Bad Idea. I think it's effectively a legalized ecstacy MDMA and I did not respond well. I clenched my jaw, yawned excessively, sweated, pupils dilated. I stayed up until 4am cleaning my dorm room. We stopped after three days when it gave me the worse panic attack I've ever had. Then we tried wellbutrin and I love it. No side effects, blessed relief from feelings of depression, guilt, ect. While I know former bulimics aren't supposed to take it, I'm also on antiseizure medication and I think i'm safe. It has definitely helped my appetite but it only normalized it. I have lost weight but I believe it's more from having energy to go workout and not taking naps. I can sleep at night if I don't take a nap and I talk a great deal more. No more social anxiety in my classes. I even borrowed a book recently.

So that's my success story.

I used to take 5-htp but it stopped working for me, which made me assume that I did not have a serotonin problem.


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