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I consulted with a perinatologist who was very knowledgeable about anti-depressants/anti-anxiety meds in pregnancy--she said she is seeing more and more patients who require them. I don't know which meds you are on, but I was taking Prozac when I conceived and I abruptly stopped it the moment I found out I was pregnant--I would not recommend this. The beginning of pregnancy is a touchy time for anyone, but for a woman dealing with anxiety and withdrawing from meds...I had a rough few weeks. When I saw the perinatologist, she said that Prozac is considered safe to take as well as the occasional Xanax that I had been taking. I decided not to take the Prozac because by that time (around 11 weeks) I could tell my anxiety was lessening somewhat (also, Prozac was not really working that well for me, not nearly as well as the Paxil I had been on before trying to get pregnant). It was good to know that I could take the Xanax if I really needed to. But I found that my anxiety decreased significantly after the first trimester was over, likely due to hormones. I know from experience that it is a tricky situation, especially if you feel that you need the meds to function well. My best advice would be to see a doctor (OB or peri) who is knowledgeable about these types of meds during pregnancy and get all the information you can so you can weigh the pros and cons. Good luck to you.

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