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I think I may know what you're talking about when you say "drunk" feeling, because I get it too. Not sure if its with anxiety, but like you all my tests are clean. I'm young, have never been sick, and docs think 95% chance its anxiety. Mine is occurring because I'm finishing last year at uni, at a sort of crossroads in the next step of my life. So this is what I feel. Kind of out of it, like your not quite there in your surroundings..maybe watching it in a dream from the outside. You can't think clearly, can't focus on what people are saying. Feel off balanced, can't walk straight, and feel slightly lightheaded and loopy in general. I'm pretty sure its from anxiety. What kind of pills are you on, and for how long? I'm not on any meds, but heard many of the anti-anxiety meds take quite a few weeks to work. So if your not feeling better right away, I wouldn't give it some more time. Good Luck


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