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I've had the "out of it" feeling. I wouldn't describe it as feeling drunk, it was more like I wasn't on this planet, like I wasn't "there". It was really scary. In my case it lasted a few months. My started when my doctor told me that I have a tumor in my uterus. The fear and anxiety lead to this out of it feeling. I thought I'd never get back to this world again and feel mormal, but I did. What helped me was the passage of time and reassurance from people I trusted that there is nothing physically wrong with me. I have a lot of anxiety around my physical health and thought I had a cancerous tumor.
I also took valium, and still do when I have a lot of anxiety.
I do think that I know what you are feeling. I remember when I had the out of it feeling, I felt like I couldn't describe to anyone what it feels like.
Thanks for your reply did you have it 24 7 and how did the feeling go .Been so upset today i just get sick of feeling so out of it i just want to feel normal again , what i cant understand is that i feel even more out of it on tablets i just feel so in another world i,m so scared i will never get back to myself had 20 months of hell feeling just so tired and so so out of it i just feel like the only one who as it 247 and i cant understand why its lasting so long. thankyou for your advice.
I think I may know what you're talking about when you say "drunk" feeling, because I get it too. Not sure if its with anxiety, but like you all my tests are clean. I'm young, have never been sick, and docs think 95% chance its anxiety. Mine is occurring because I'm finishing last year at uni, at a sort of crossroads in the next step of my life. So this is what I feel. Kind of out of it, like your not quite there in your surroundings..maybe watching it in a dream from the outside. You can't think clearly, can't focus on what people are saying. Feel off balanced, can't walk straight, and feel slightly lightheaded and loopy in general. I'm pretty sure its from anxiety. What kind of pills are you on, and for how long? I'm not on any meds, but heard many of the anti-anxiety meds take quite a few weeks to work. So if your not feeling better right away, I wouldn't give it some more time. Good Luck

Thanks, for your reply, yes thats how i feel just in a dream world do you have it 24 7 like me ? it come on me in my pregnancy and been like this 19 months allday everyday my eyes are also blurred all the time had blood tests ct scan and my eyes tested everything come back normal , been on loads of diffrent antidepressents and nothings gets shut of this feeling the tablets what im on now are clomipramine and ive been on them 5 weeks and i feel more out of it i just get so upset because i hate feeling like this i NEVER have a good day i wish it would go away .
I understand how you feel.... I have a question for you Tweeney

Have you had your estrogen tested?
I have the same feeling as you for over a year and I just recently switched doctors. He immidiatly had my hormones checked. My estrogen level is 864 and it should be 50 and under. I do have an ovarian cyst that needs to be removed. My doctor is suggesting that this could be the reason for having the brain fog.

Have your hormones checked. You have to get blood work done the third day of your period.

It is worth a try.

The reason I am telling you this is because you started having this feeling when you got pregnant - which your hormones could be altered.
I didn't know you were pregnent. The hormones idea sounds like a good one to check out. I personally don't get it 24/7 at all. I get it when I know I have to go somewhere, or meet someone, or if some guests are coming over to my place. So pretty much leaving my home, or having to be too social causes this unreal feeling for me. Good Luck with figuring this out, and keep us posted

Sincerely, Hope
My doctor didn't test me either for over a year because I had regular periods but then I went to a new doctor. Also have your thyroid checked while you are there.

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