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The doc I went to was just my family doctor. I did have my glucose checked during the blood test, and it was fine. I didn't have a fasting glucose test or anything like tht. I know I have hypoglycemia. I get symptoms similar to the ones I mentioned (faint, can't focus, tired etc), when I haven't eaten for maybe 4-5.5 hrs. However, recently these symptoms I mentioned have been occurring even if I go somewhere after eating (before it being even being close to 4 hrs after eating). At first, I thought my symptoms were due low glucose too when these so-called anxiety related symptoms happenned, but eating half a candy bar didn't help. Even eating a full meal didn't help. That's what is scary. And there are some differences between my low glucose feelings and these ones. With these so-called anxiety ones, I feel a sort of unreal, full head feeling, and am afraid I'm going to pass out, so I feel like I just want to go home. With low glucose, I'm not as terrified. Its complicated. Thanks quantum for your reply and reading my story. Good Luck.


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