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Well here's a thing: I have never had caffeine coffee cept once in a while.

I am often thinking back trying to work out what triggered this cruel anxiety. I suppose it had been building up over a couple of years but had not noticed.

The week/s before my major attack i was having those 'power' drinks as having Addison's disease i suffer from chronic fatigue so i was trying to get a lift from the drinks. One of the main ingrediants is caffeine in a mega dose plus huge doses of B complex. Combined with the extra steroids that I decided to take ( not the muscle type) I'm pretty certain that escalated big time any anxiety and caused my downfall. I was unable to look at a can of the stuff after and i didnt know why but know I'm sure why.

Chaos: Turkey and bananas contain tryptophan. It converts into serotonin known to help you relax but i think you have to eat them on an empty stomach and lots of them.

Here in the UK i dont know if we have milo as chocolate bar. Milo is a drink like Horlicks here. I had Horlicks when i first had this anxiety.

Milk is supposed to be helpful in calming because it has magnesium in it.

One thing that is cheap and is soothing is the B3 Niacin. When i take it you get whats known as the 'Niacin flush'. The first time i took it i had the flush and felt so tranquille.

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