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I weaned myself of klonopin, I was only taking .25-.5 mg's per dose as needed, ocassionally during the daytime, but I always took at least .25 at night before bed because my worst symptoms were usually in bed. Last night was the first night in a long time that I had not taken one before bed. I had the awfulest time falling asleep. My heart was palpitating, and when I would start to drift off, I'd have a "jolt" where my whole body would jump and the palpatations would start back. Then after I finally began to sleep, my legs would jump really bad out of nowhere and wake me up. Then once that subsided, I began waking up every hour or so with major night-sweats until about 4 am when I finally fell into a fitfull sleep.

Is all this normal? Before the klonopin I would have heart palpitations and panic attacks, but all these new symptoms are odd. Maybe I just need to adjust to sleeping without them? I am doing great without benzos during the day. Any suggestions? I was thinking about trying Valerian Root. Any suggestions?

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