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ok sorry have not had new info so I was not on the boards missed some of these posts sorry.

I realized the I was on too high a dose when I started to be ineffective at work nothing and I mean nothing would get under my skin. at work that is. I was too cool calm and collective. I d look at everything in big picture thinking. and see the grander scheme. I would take a safer logical approach and kept my assistants at a safe pace to. but alas corporate enviroment does not appreciate safety. It is all sense of urgency. And I was losing mine. I was prior to this the fastest and hardest working and at the peak of the Lexapro I would be at two hours more time to do what I had prior. I worked no less but if the crew or any thing held up patience was now my enemy on the other end of the scale I had too much patience. steady wins the race. but things were causing dealys that could only be over come by the rabbit. which I could not pull out of my hat. so I went to half dose and work went back to schedule. but home suffered.

after 3 years on lexepro I have concluded its not the right med for me close but not enough. I still feel nothing emotionally which was the key sympton that got me on it. my anger problems are more of a frustration issue because I dont feel angry dont give that angry vibe but more of a very mellow person. I wondered if the head trauma suffered years back was the cause and it may well be but I am now trying zoloft.
the somulence was too much to bear on lexapro I slept all the time at home
I could work but when home I either would have to be very busy or Id relax into the coma like state wherever I sit lay etc...

zoloft now for almost a week not one nap :) but its very hard to fall asleep.
I notice the persistant thinking now hopefully this will subside when next week I go to full dose. it seems to work for the frustrations at home. I have been of work for the week so good time to start new meds. we'll see at work.
also none of the pain management benefits that lexapro gave. id feel it but could not be concerned or bothered by it.

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