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I know a lot of girls say they get really bad heart palps and anxiety when they PMS, but do any of you experiance this ''during'' your period. Mine will not let up until my period has stopped, even for a couple days afterwards. My PVC's are coming in runs which make me cough and they scare the heck out of me. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital the other night for a racing heart. I had an echo done, and it came back normal. Is it common for PVC's/PAC's and different types of Tachycardia to happen this severely before my period and during it?? I'am so scared and anxious right now. I'am trying so hard to relax, and I try not to focus on them, but they are there constantly. Above all, will these runs of PVC"s/PAC's kill me???? When it happens, I feel big thuds in my throat, sometimes up to 5 times in a row and I get lightheaded, and just totally freak out. I absoulutely hate that feeling. The flutter and the thud in my throat. Could it be my period causing this or something else. Oh, and my Doctor gave me a blood test to check for blood clots. He said it came back fine. Do they do that to check for blood clots throughout my body, or just in one particular place?? Sorry for all the questions, but I'am just really tired and scared of feeling like this. I would greatly appreciate any replies.



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