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Has any of your doctors ever prescribed this for stress and anxiety for you?? Well mine did. First took me off Zoloft because I complained about weight gain and couldn't sleep that well, even though my wife and I are going through a divorce, thought this was kind of an odd time to do that. I work at Virginia Tech and had to deal with the mass killings so he has put me on lexapro and still taking the Topamax as well. Everything I have read on Topamax there is no mention for treatment of stress or anxiety.
He has you taking it as a mood stablizer.

So you have heard of doctors using it for this?? He also thought it would help me lose weight because I have gained so much weight with the antidepressants but losing the taste of my diet soft drinks is driving me crazy so I am not sure I want to stay on something like this. I feel if a medicine can make you lose your taste for something then thats not a good thing.
I have not heard of that specific drug being used, however it is an anticonvulsant (sp) and those slow your brain down, hence helping you to have a balanced mood. I take lamictal, it is very similiar. Works wonders in my opinion.


maybe even ask your doctor about lamictal?
The thing I hate about this drug though is that is makes all my diet soft drinks taste horrible.
Interesting. I personally don't like diet at all. Have you noticed any other changes? If that's the only one your lucky. You don't feel like your "in a dream" or "not really here" or "dazzy"? Those are the side effects that can really sux. Hopefully this medication comes through with you.

I just got a prescription for it, now I don't want to take it! I live on diet soda! I'm only to take 50mg's, for anxiety. Maybe I should have went with the Wellbutrin?
I have been on Topomax since November for migraines. At the time I was on Lexapro too. I am currently on Zoloft. I lost 30 pounds in 2 months and I had no change in taste with diet Coke. I did have some changes in other foods, but not bad.
I guess you have to decide what's more important to you - drinking soft drinks which are bad for you anyway or losing the weight and helping the anxiety and stress. The problem I've run into myself is most anti-anxiety drugs are either really addictive and/or make you gain weight. ALL drugs cause side effects. Have you tried St. John's Wort as a natural treatment. I am considering taking Topamax myself for migraine prevention. If it helps beat my headaches, I'll take the funny tasting sodas personally.
I am no longer on it now!! I am on lexapro but no longer on Topamax.
I couldn't handle the Topamax, increased the anxiety and impaired my vocabulary. I am now trying buspar :rolleyes:
Well the only difference like I said was the taste of my diet soft drinks and that was enough for me.
Hi. This is my first post. I just started Topamax today and wanted to find a "web community" to track my own experience and see those of others. I am 43 years old (in August) and have been on Celexa for years with various additions here and there - Lexapro, Wellbrutrin and ultimately they peter out. My doc has put me on Topamax because of inablility to concentrate and finish tasks, obsessive eating and "the fog" and forgetfullness. I am now reading that Topamax causes some of these same short term memory problems that I am trying to fight. Interesting. Also, I am hearing of dramatic weight loss. Since my binge eating over the past 6 months I've probably gained about 20 lbs. Size 6/8 to a tight 10. There is no one though who has said how much they actually weigh. Are we talking fat or obese patients or just vanity pounds of 10-20 lbs overweight.
I wish I could help you but I stopped taking it because it affected my taste for certain foods and my diet soft drinks tasted terrible. I know people think if thats all it affected I should have stayed on it but I enjoy those things so it was not worth it to me.
I wouldn't look for the Topamax to make a huge difference in your weight, I think at high doses, it helps, but lower doses no real effect. It increased my anxiety and I had problems recalling words. Not worth it. Buspar however seems to be working for me.

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