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Re: New to anxiety
May 6, 2007
my Dr finally listened to me and gave me Xanax last Monday. I have been having anxiety disorder for serveral reasons for over 2 yrs. It was effecting my Blood Pressure and pulse - for two yrs. no one would listen and just kept giving me blood pressure meds which would then drop my BP too low but pulse would stay very high and I had to go off BP meds - on and then off over and over again for two yrs.

Finally I just got Xanax i take .05 2 times a day-and feel fabulous - I feel like i am in my own skin again. AND I had horrid chronic pain from herniated discs in my neck and I barely need any pain medication - and I was scheduling surgery (pain was so bad) for next month. Now -I think I can put it off....

the only thing that scares me - is everything I read - says Xanax should only be taken for 2-4 weeks.... that will not do for me..... hoping my dr. lets me stay on it. what is the worst thing that can happen?

I feel like a regular mom now to my 15 month old - I have so much less pain and I can take her out and play and do swim classes - I have a life!!
Any one else out there on this drug long term?

OH and I feel like have a sexual relationship with my hubby again too! that I WANT to...... what a HUGE difference....

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