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Yes, I would completely agree. Stomach pains were the worst for my anxiety. Xanax works wonders. If I think of a bad experience yes I get an adrenaline rush. For example, a loss. I.E. Death. Sometimes when I have sad/anxiety/hurtful thoughts I can feel that feeling in my stomach like someone just cut me off in traffic and I think we're going to collide. I was getting sick everyone morning for a long time always thought it was something to do with my stomach, and later found out it was due to anxiety. Good Luck

Thoughts can really get to me quick, esp with my OCD. For pretty much all of this year I've been going through a lot of stuff and have periods where my thoughts would pretty much cripple me. I've gotten a lot better through therapy, self help, and just plain old time. I still get thoughts and they still affect me, but it has been dampened. A normal person would still say they suck bad, but having been through the really bad ones I can def say these are much better.

It just takes time and effort to work on them. They can get better so don't cause yourself even more anxiety worrying over them. That was def one of my main problems.

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