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A good friend of mine told me a few people she knows suffering from anxiety and panic take Magnesium Aspertate and she said it works wonders the anxiety is gone apparently if your defficient in Magnesium it will cause anxiety. She told me to start taking it, but I want to check with my doctor first as I am already taking paxil and xanax. Any thoughts on this from anyone?
Yep, I have heard that a magnesium deficiency causes anxiety too. I munch on 'mylanta' tablets (heartburn/indigestion tablets, sorry, but I don't know if you get them over there or not!). These are basically magnesium and they do help calm me down. But yeah, I would talk to your doc first to make sure you can take magnesium with the other meds you are on.
I am not familiar with Magnesium Aspertate, but I take magnesium citrate for anxiety. I have never been on meds for anxiety, but I have found that magnesium citrate will give me quick relief from mild to moderate anxiety. Definitely ask your doctor about using magnesium with your meds. If he/she gives you the go ahead, then you might find it to help.
Thanks for the response, I have an appt with my doc on wed so I will ask.
I take magnesium citrate (300mg at night) and that seems to be helping just fine.

I also have magnesium aspartate (with potassium aspartate) and that helps with anxiety induced muscular fatigue. It is nothing very noticeable but nonetheless it takes away a bit of that anxiety fatigue...

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