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Oh wow, I take Effexor and I also take Ativan too :)

I started taking both Effexor and Ativan back in 2003, so I've been on them for about 4 years now. They've helped me a LOT with both my depression and my anxiety. Effexor got rid of my depression almost 100%, but I am still very anxious, which is why I still take the Ativan.

How much Effexor are you on now? You may have to go through all different doses until you find one that hopefully works. I know that my father has been on Paxil for years, first he tried Effexor and it didn't work for him. I was on Wellbutrin, and also Lexapro, but they made me feel worse. Effexor has been the only thing that helps.

I've gone from 37.5mg to 75 to 150, and at one point I was on 300mg's a day. Now I'm down to 150mg, I take two 75mg's together in the morning. I can tell you one thing, do NOT forget to take Effexor on time. The withdrawal symptoms are absolutely horrible. It makes my whole body ache, I can't get out of bed because I'm dizzy, I sweat all night long with nightmares and I'll get those 'brain zap' things.

The Ativan should help a bit, I take it when I have an anxiety attack and it works wonders.

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