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One of the hallmarks of anxiey is constant neck and back pains. I lived with it for a long, long time. I did chiropractic work and even had accupuncture. I soaked in baths and went for walks. Nothing seemed to work. Yes, a xanax would help me as well.

I don't know if you are on meds at all. My doctor put me on Cymbalta as it helps with pain. Another try is Neurontin which also is used for pain and anxiety.

I do know when I am overly anxious, I can really feel my back tense up.

I hope some of this helps.

Hang in there-

Anxiety can definitely do a number on your back, neck and shoulders. I have been to so many drs, have had physical therapy, accupuncture. They help for a while but when the anxiety returns so does my back pain.

I am 45 and yes going through premenopause, my doc has me on prempro for the night sweats and hot flashes, and you are so right about the xanax it works wonders, I have been having constant back pain in the middle of my back up by my shoulder blades,my neck the whole 9, since this anxiety crap started in January of this year. Doc wont put me on birth control because I still smoke, once I quit maybe that would work.

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