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Hey guys it's me again. Earlier today I was at the gym going a few rounds with my coach and I had to stop because I felt my heart pounding in my chest again. I began to feel like I was going to pass out, I sat down so I could catch my breath. I checked my Blood Pressure and it was 133/64 with my pulse being 94 after I rested for a bit. So I went ahead and drove home and I still felt a bit lightheaded on the drive and felt it difficult to concentrate on the road, I kept daydreaming and zoning out. I did a bit a research and I had some of the same symptoms as before cardiac arrest. I don't know if I keep working out, I might pass out and die. I'm only 18 like I said. My lexapro has been doing wonders, no more full blown panic attacks jsut some symptoms here and there. But it's weird, even going up stairs causes me to feel my heart beat and I have to catch my breath. Doctor says my heart is fine but yea. Any thoughts. Can someone clear up the cardiac arrest thing for me..

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