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i do sympathise with you, you poor thing. must be so hard to lose your mom and have your dad leaning of you. it's not surprising you're anxious, you'd be still grieving as well. take it easy and be kind to yourself. yoga is a good idea. even just letting those thoughts go for a few moments and letting yourself 'be'. focus out of your head for a moment. listen to the sounds around you, ground yourself in your body, take some deep breaths. just let it all go. try to do this for a minute or two every hour. there are supplements you can take that help with anxiety, if you don't want to go down the meds track. make sure you take a good dose of vitamin B, some fish oil and calcium/magnesium. all are supposed to help with anxiety.

make sure you put some time aside each day just for you. indulge yourself. have a bath, go for a walk, listen to some music. anything that makes you feel good. take care of yourself. try to eat protein at every meal. keeping your blood sugar balanced helps stop anxiety, too. if you eat too much sugar your anxiety will come in peaks as your blood sugar fluctuates.

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