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HI, Well if its any comfort I felt the same way, Drunk is the only way to describe it, its nasty but I have a lil story for ya that might help.

You will get better, How do I know? because this all happened to me when I was 18.

Just to let ya know how bad it got then, I was 10 and a half stone, I went down to 8 stone(Im a 6 foot tall man) I woke up one day to my hair on my pillow, I lost all my hair on my head, legs and chest due to stress, I walked around in a stupor for 3 years, I was completely detached from the world even though i was aware of everything around me. I felt drunk just like you described, I felt like my brain was 'Broken', and I feared death.

The first year was the worst but then it started to get better, very slowly. I was constantly soul searching trying to understand and break free of these feelings, Suicide was a regular thought but I knew I would never give up that easy. So I got on with life, I joined a Karate class, I found the exercise really helped so much so that I stopped taking lexapro and after about a year of karate classes and just getting on with things regardless of how i felt I just started to feel normal again.

And you can too no matter How messed up you feel. I believe in you because I did it and you can too.

I wish you the best and I know you will get through this, just dont be afraid and ignore them horrible drunken feelings, you will win against this horrible affliction known as GAD, I did , I am now of normal wieght and have a full head of hair again and more importantly, i am happy and stress free.

My secret to success was Exercise!
dont underestimate the effectiveness of regular exercise, It cured me! with a little help from lexapro and a few good friends. So dont worry, from this day forth you are getting better, I will pray for you, and you will stop worrying .

I know getting better seems like trying to move a mountain, and it is.
Thats why you gotta take the mountain away, one pebble at a time if you have to, even if its a pebble a day you will eventually feel normal again, but as long as you continue to allow yourself to worry and obsess you give power to these feelings, Let go of them, get on with your life no matter how messed up you feel.

The skill is letting go of these feelings, its very hard to do but it is possible, if you can teach yourself to empty your mind of all thoughts and worry, your physical symptoms will go away, the medication helps, but it does not cure GAD, only you can do that.
Now Thats where being busy helps, if your so focused on something, for me it was learning and mastering karate, you give your mind a break from the harsh reality of your condition, little by little, piece by piece you will feel better, it may take a year or two but it will happen and one day you will look back on all this and be proud that you conqoured GAD. well thats my opinion based on my experiences and I hope I helped.

God bless

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