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A question
May 27, 2007
Hi all

Me again!

I was wondering if any off you lot had any of the following problems

When I have to go to a function, ie, wedding I start off a little nervous (after having a horrendous few days of anxiety and worrying about the even) and by the time I get to the meal after the service I am fine and dandy, have a tiny bit to drink (a glass of wine) and chat, laugh, make people laugh, almost my old self. Then as the day progresses to the evening do, I hit a low, feel tired, ach all over and have stomach pains and have to go home early.

It always happens, I donít like to get drunk so I donít really drink, I have a glass of wine with a meal and thatís it, I go on to the water. I have noticed this happen often and wondered if the aches and pain are anxiety kicking in or maybe I have been just tense all day and my body is knackered. God knows, but I just donít get this, I never come across as nervous to people (only to the driving examiners, if you have read previous posts you will get that comment) and I can talk and charm the pants of anybody when I do venture out to a social situation, even though I suffer from really bad anxiety and spend the 5 days before hand been really paranoid about it, been horrible to everyone and generally pissing off my other half by moaning about what a pain it is to have to go.

At the last wedding I went to I noticed this starting after about 10pm and thought I am ill, got something wrong with me physically, you lot know how it is and the pains and stuff intensify and I sneak off from a party I was really enjoying only an hour earlier, I get to the hotel eat a load of rennies and take paracetomal and half an hour later I am feeling much better.

I am going to get help at long last from the local nhs mental health place and hopefully get a diagnoses on my mental state. My doctor for 8 years has given me diazepam and the odd bit of counselling, even though these have cured the panic attacks (I have got rid of these terrors) I have never been that girl I was before all this started 8 years ago and I want to be her again.

Anyway I would like to know if anybody else starts to get pains and stuff when they are out?



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