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I have been on many right now I am on 40mg celexa just upped from 20mg. I dont know if it is causing me to gain weight at all because I also take heart meds that make just about everyone gain weight so I am pretty sure it is those since the time frame coincides better as well.

But my life save is my xanax. I do not take it all the time. But I do take it if I anticipate a harder day. I work in a casino and I usually take one before my shift. But I do bring an extra or two just in case it ends up being one of those days where the people are just rally hard on me or I cant control my emotions or anxiety. Celexa is my everyday depression med but the Xanax is the ONLY med that has ever worked for my anxiety enough to make life tolerable all the time and enjoyable just about everyday : ) . It can cause sleepiness in some people, so usually you start on a lower dose to get used to it. And in many cases as in mine people will use it to sleep at night. it certainly keeps my overactive head from thinking too hard about stuff that doesnt matter at all and get me over a really hard day and get good sleep.

Hope I have been of some help : )

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