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[COLOR="Red"]Hi Chipper,
I have taken 20 mg. paxil for 6.5 yr. I always worked fantastic, NO side effects at all. I tried going off it 4x over the years, and always had to go back on it. Well, about 6 wk. ago it just stopped working, out of the blue.
My doc changed me cold turkey to Lexapro. I got head flashes and bad upset guts/diarrhea, and after 9 days stopped taking it, and was changed to Cymbalta. That worked fairly well, except it make me very nervous and jittery. I upped the dose to the recommended amount, and it only made it worse. I went back to my doc, who decided to put me back on Paxil and have me up the dose by 10 mg. each week until I reached 40 mg. She said if this did not work, I needed to see a psychiatrist to figure out what to do.
Today was the day I upped to 30 mg. I am praying hard that upping my dose will work, as I love Paxil, and like you, I have to be on something for anxiety.
I hate going through this. Oh, once I tried Zoloft, and I had NO effect from it at all, neither good nor bad. I do wonder if maybe I didn't take enough for long enough.:angel:
Dawn <><[/COLOR]

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