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[QUOTE=ChanceFL;3022545]I also get so anxious when I take medication especially after reading other posts and other info online. My doctor told me to do myself a favor and stay off the internet while I'm adjusting to meds, but I can't stop myself. I just started taking Luvox last night for OCD, anxiety, and depression, and I had weird feelings right after I took it and I convinced myself all these bad things were side effects. I actually made my husband read the warnings and side effects because I couldn't or I would imagine I was experiencing them. I told him not to tell me what they were, but to watch me for signs.

It will become second nature after awhile-in fact, Xanax is the only med I've ever felt completely comfortable with. If you are still feeling no relief from anxiety after breaking the pill in half, then try try taking the whole .25 if that's what your doctor prescribed. It might really help you.[/QUOTE]

lol...well i went to pull my wallet out of my purse and my xanax came with it and apparantly i didnt have the lid on tight and they all went flying through my car onto my dirty only a few stayed in the bottle like five...and some landed on the less dirty part of the floor so i wiped them off and put them back in...i wont take the others cause im strange like im sure they are fine...right...right???? really answer that one...
anyway ill be ok cause at this point im not taking the three a day that are specified so when i go to get a refill im sure it will be in the alotted time
the bottle is 50 so that is like 2 and a half weeks worth
yeah itll be like second nature
but so i shouldnt be worried bout getting anxiety after they wear off????

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