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Hi everyone.

I'm not sure what is causing this but here's my story and any input will be greatly appreciated.

I get these crawling, moving, tingling, numbness sensations on the back of my head/scalp about 4-5 times a day. I've experienced these for about a month now. An MRI (w/o contrast) a few months ago was unremarkable except for sinusitis. A cervical MRI 4 months ago showed compression of disks and a few other things (I can't remember what they were now).

I do have a history of alcoholism, anxiety, panic attacks, Tourette's syndrome (with head jerking), I was in a 35MPH automoblile accident several years ago in which my head smashed into the windshield, I suffer from Hypochondria, Agoraphobia, ADHD, GERD, IBS, etc.

I guess that's about it. Does anyone else have thse symptoms or have an opinion as to what might be causing them?.

Thanks do much - Steve
if you have a compressed disk, can this not cause nerve damage...depending on which nerve the disk is compressing on? it seems you have a lot of physical possibilities which could be causing your symtpoms, but also panic attacks and anxiety can cause those sensations as well. what are you doing when the episodes happen? maybe try recording your symptoms in a journal and see it a pattern emerges....this might help pin point the cause....
i have fibromyalgia and it took me quite sometime to distinguish the symtpoms from my phsical illness from my anxiety. Personally, when I begin to panic, it starts in the middle of my back, and this heat sensation travels up my spine into my head...then I'll shake and tremble and my entire body will feel tingly....

I know what you're going through in terms of the wierd head sensations. Before I was treated properly, I was always aware of this wierd pressure sensation in my head on the top--like someone was pressing down it and tension and pressure at the back and base of my head. I was constantly touching my head and complaining of head aches. I had CAT and MRI scans done, I had ENT and Neuro consults and besides sinus issues, there is nothing "medically" wrong. A doctor twirled his finger by his head and whispered nerves to me.

Try some chiropractic work or accupuncture. Some of these sensations can be caused by a tense neck and a tense back which are both family members to Anxiety. A hot bath always worked for me. Benzo's used on a short term or muscle relaxers can help too. Sitting in a hot tub used to really do wonders for me.

Hang in there!


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