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Well I dont know if this is anxiety or if Ive actually gone part crazzy. You see my life is verry stressfull (caused by the tension between what I want to do with my life and the situation Im currenty stuck in) and that causes me to go in and out of bouts of depression. I would go in a depression, then realize it, and then build my self back up, but then the stress would make me go back down. And due to the depression I wouldnt work-out much, or do much anything for that matter, and so I dont exercize my mind verry much either. So then I started to have anxiety symptoms, first I would notice it while at church- I would have weird head sensations that made me think I was going to pass out and I could not sit still- and then they started to get more frequent day by day, then one night I had to get up from sleeping because I though I was loosing my mind, I had the head sensations, couldnt catch my breath, thought I wasnt getting enough oxygen to my brain, and the other basic anxiety symptoms. During the day I would feel a little better but still bad and it was allways worse at night. So after a few days and nights of that crap I went to the doctor and he says it anxiety, so now Im taking Zoloft, 6 pills so far, and that has stoped the anxiety attacks, however after I had the first attacks, I have not felt like my self at all, cannot think like I used to, cannot seem to get my perspective back, do not have the same perspective of my self when I look in a mirror, feel stupider, and feel like crap all the time like my mind is plugged up. I can remeber how I used to be (before the first bad attack) and think, and compare that to how I am now, and I know I am not the same. Ive had like a mental decline, a mind slip, does this mean Im crazzy, will I ever feel the same again? How can I be sure if Im getting better, if I start to not remember how I used to be and feel? What if cant get back to my self again?

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