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Hey all, this is my first post. I have been reading this anxiety board for awhile, but a super bad day finally inspired me to post.

Anyways, I guess I just want to know if there is anyone out there who has anxiety the way I do. I have been formally diagnosed with GAD as well as Panic Disorder, although the panic is under control. I feel like I'm getting better (completely got rid of panic attacks, but still suffer anxiety on a day to day basis to different degrees) but I have some days that are just horrible!

There is one symptom of anxiety that is just THE WORST for me, which I am really interested in seeing if anyone else has this too. Its my rapid heart beat. It will be relatively normal when I am sitting down, but as soon as I stand up it will increase a lot...Especially in the mornings. This sounds a lot like POTS, except for a few things. My standing heart rate is normal at times when I am COMPLETELY stress free, and at night even when I am stressed it is almost normal/could pass for normal. I don't know why it is so bad from the time I wake up till around mid-day...Also, another thing that makes me think it is stress related is the fact that if I have something to do during the day, and happen to just push through the dizziness/uncomfortable standing heart rate, I will feel better? I feel like it has a lot of mental connections, but when I have this at my worst it feels ALL physical!! I just don't know how to get it under control?? I'm almost at my wits end because its hard not being able to do everything I want to do because of this :( If anyone can relate to me pleaaaase reply I need all the advice I can get.

PS. I do see a cardiologist every so often because I have been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse since age 11...No other heart probs that I know of...The MVP Never interferred with my life before, so I doubt it has anything to do with this.

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