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ok, about 2 1/2 months ago i was out eating dinner and all of a sudden i got an INTENSE feeling of dizziness for like 3 seconds and then it went away. ok so i was fine for a month, and then i kept thinking to myself...omg what if i get that dizziness again?? then i started to feel dizzy..not like i did when i was out eating dinner, but just like off balance, like vertigo things outside of me were spinning..ive had this for about 3 1/2 weeks..i went to the hospital and they did no blood work..they said i had vertigo and it will go away and they put me on antivert for dizziness which didnt work, and gave me a xanax to calm down in the hospital b/c i do have a history of anxiety/panic attacks. so the dr. said its vertigo and anxiety. Then I see my regular doctor the other day..(a week later from the hospital) and she didn't even do blood work. She said it's nothing're not nautious/throwing up/headache/fainting..It's just vertigo and you have it b/c of the allergies and the allergy season is right now and it should go away within a she started me on lexapro for my anxiety..and she also told me that its just dizziness and its not a big deal and she said that i keep thinking of it 24/7 that i'm actually making it worse than what the dizziness really is..but i still feel the same ..maybe a tad bit better..WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!
yeah im on lexapro..but the dr. told me that she wanted to see me in 3 weeks so if i dont feel better than im gunna get my blood test and stuff, but if i do feel a little better than i shouldnt right?? cuz today was i wasnt as not sure if its "dizzy" .. i think it might be just like feeling like "im not there" and like its foggy..and my head is like not attached to my body if that makes sense lol but maybe the lexapro is kicking it and making me relax..i think its just anxiety i dont think its anything major cuz there would be worse symptoms right?

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