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Hi all

I am 51 and have suffered from Anxiety, Panic Attack and Depression from the time I was a child. I have suffered through and Found Meds and good Doctors. I have been through alot in the last 2 years divorced, new relationship very stressful, built a house and am trying to finish up my horse rance, Just some details to give you so you can have the big picture,

Anyway, I went off the Paxil about 9 months ago, because I started getting dibilitating migraines, 2 days in bed each month definatly hormonal, Mind you I had a hysterectomy in my 30's but still have my ovaries. So Menopause is starting to happen I guess. OK, Ok, here smy question to you, my Anxiety has gotten worse and I have spent days in bed too scared to move thinking I am going to die, or I have some dredful disease. This started out with Anxiety attacks associated with bowel movements. I would get this strange sensation, like a burning feeling and wham out of nowhere the attack would start, feeling light headed, feeling like I couldn't take a breath I have to stop what I am doing and Lie down until it passed usually followed by a bowel Movement, of which sometimes I am to scared to go to the bathroom for fear that I might pass out. I know this all sounds so strange, Anyway back to the Morning part. I usually wake up feeling good, Then about an hour after getting up this burning feeling goes through my body and my intestines start to spasm a little and the Axiety Fight or flight mode kicks in I have to sit down for awhile and wait till it passes, I am taking Ativan 3 times aday right now until I can get on another antidepressant. .5mg. I was just wondering if:dizzy: anyone else experiences this type of thing. I get sooo scared.

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