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Hey Hope, if it makes you feel any better, I can relate to almost every single thing that you wrote! I am 20, a college student who goes away to school and I also deal with my problems on a day to day basis. I deal with the lightheadedness while standing, dizziness, and general feelings of anxiety all day long. I know for me I can completely relate to what you said about independence...The hardest part about all of this is feeling like I have no independence...If you are anything like me, you used to be nothing like this. I Personally before anxiety hit I was extremely independent and thrived in that type of environment...Its really depressing to feel the opposite these days, and thats what really gets me down. For example, during the school year when I was at my worst, I often had to have my boyfriend or friends pick up lunch / dinner for me because I was feeling too lightheaded to walk 10 minutes there and back to pick up some food.

Here are the best tips I have for you, that have worked for me:

1. Make an effort to get together with your friends. I know for me its sooo hard being "alone" with no friends to talk to. People who have anxiety our thoughts are like our own worst enemies lol. I always find that going out with my friends, even if I'm not feeling good, takes my mind off of myself and my anxiety and allows me to forget for awhile. If your friends don't know about your anxiety issues, maybe you could tell them so even if you do start feeling sick they will be supportive and understand.

2. push yourself past what you think are your "limits." This is a tough one, but it has made a huuuge difference in my life. I have many many days where I feel I honestly can't do anything. Like, so bad that I hate getting off the couch/bed to go to the bathroom. But the trick here is to push past that. My boyfriend is a major help. we started doing what we call "daily activitys" around noon or 1pm each day we'll go outside and walk around the park, go hit some golf balls, short bike ride, basically do some sort of activity to get me up and moving...its so easy to give into the sick feeling, but I always find that once I push past and get moving, then I feel way better. I don't know why that is.

3. Think about your eating patterns...My doctor told me that all anxiety patients have hypoglycemia to some degree. Hypoglycemia, or dips in your blood sugar, can intensify and even mimic anxiety symptoms..I always feel better when I eat many small meals throughout the day (including protein in every one) to keep my blood sugar balanced. I also take a B-complex and regular multivitamin every day. B-complex is supposed to help with stress. Loading up on water also helps my feelings of lightheadedness.

4. Realize that YOU are not dependant. Its the anxiety. When I find myself in moments of peace and calmness, I love doing things by myself and am totally willing to do so. When I'm feeling the anxiety, no way in hell lol. I don't feel so depressed about that anymore because I know that I am really NOT dependent on people so maybe you will take comfort in knowing that too.

5. not sure if i can promote this on here or not, but the books by Dr. Claire Weekes have helped TREMENDOUSLY. Like even more than i can say. I thought I was a hopeless case...I've seen doctors, psychologists, psychiatrist, tried different SSRIs and nothin worked more than her books.

PHEW sorry to write a novel here but I felt I could really relate to your post and wanted to help!! I've never came in contact or heard of anyone whos situation sounded sooo similar to mine. I hope this helps you, if you ever wanna talk let me kno!

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