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Hey Boxerlover and everyone, I have been reading about your symptoms and seem to be suffering from something similar.
You mentioned in a previous thread that not breathing right can cause light headed symptoms?
I am too a dizzy/ sense of off balance (light headed/ foggy/ hazy) sufferer. I have been from May this year. I went to the hospital end of April because I had left sided aching muscles and tingling in my hand and leg. Plus a tension style pain in my left side of my head, cheek, eyebrow, eye. So basically my left side of my face, neck, shoulder, arm, underarm leg and foot was aching. The hospital kept me in for one night and a Neurologist came to see me and ordered an MRI. The next day I had the MRI and there was nothing significantly wrong except a few white patches that are apparently can be normal or due to migraine sufferer which I dont think I am. Anyway he ordered another MRI in 4 months time which I had the other day. I am waiting to go and see him next week so he can explain the results. In the meantime, my dizziness lasted for about six weeks since end of April and then disappeared only to return end of July and it is still with me now. My GP referred me to ENT specialist and I had tests yesterday. I am waiting to see the doc next week. But it looks like my balance is fine even though I feel these symptoms since I can drive and do things but really have shrunk back from a lot of social activities since Im feeling generally off balance and light headed. So I have been told that it could be anxiety as well since I have had a lot of stressful relationship issues in the last year. My chiro thinks Im tensing my body, anxious etc, similar to your symptoms above.

Plus I am having a lot of headaches since beginning of August. This is freaking me out.

Ive been going for walks, do yoga twice a week, had acupuncture and nothing seems to be working.

Please tell me, how are you feeling now? I hope you are better, and if you are how did you get better? Do you think that my stiff neck could be causing the dizziness and perhaps holding my breath which I have caught myself doing expecially when Im talking too quickly.
Is anyone else feeling the same way as me?
I am due to go on a business trip in 6 weeks and am seriously thinking of cancelling due to this "unwell" feeling.

I dont take anything yet and am due to the ENT specialist and Neurologist tomorrow. I need to do something about it!

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