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I to get this way off and on which is weird youd think if I can be social with almost anyone sometimes then why would I get clammed up other times? I think the last poster gave some good advice though.I know when I feel anti social even just speaking small talk (how are you? how bout this weather?) with a convience store worker or chasier at some store seems to help me.The idea of joining a community thing is good too.I am involved with some community things myself and taking a class for First Responder now too which helps to keep me speaking and interacting with others.I cannot say I do not get edgy at times I sure do.I get anxiety symptoms at times while interacting with others especially people I do not know well or when in a big group.I just pretty much make myself do it anyway.I can say I have came a very long way because I was extremely shy as a child.I always seemed t give off the impression to others as a "snob." Which is far from the truth I am no better then anyone else.Matter of fact most of the time I felt less then others.Anyway,I know the feeling and it is hard to break but you can do it once you get out there and start opening up with others even a bit you will find some people who you can really relate to once you find someone who seems easy for you to chat with keep the communication going ask for their number or if theyd like to meet up for coffee or something sometime.The only thing that has helped me seriously is making myself and it did get easier as I went along.

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