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Jun 19, 2007
I have worried about my heart since I was a kid. I just HATE it and want it to stop. I go months where I am fine and then months where every day I just feel as though I am minutes from death.

Has anyone else on here had health anxiety since they were children?

I ended up at the ER last week because my heart palps were so bad and I had chest pain. I got blood work, chest xray and ekg done before they sent me on my way saying I was in great health and had 'benign palpitations'.

I went to the ER last summer as well when I had a bad episode and they said the same thing. That trip I got a CT Scan done of my head, and an echo, in addition to the ekg and blood work. Everything normal. And I had a normal holter.

If nothing is wrong with my heart, why do I get so many palpitations? Why have they been going for so long? Why do I get chest pain and feel like my heart is 'pausing' and any moment is going to stop?

I try to trust the doctors but they just say anxiety anxiety, harmless pvcs and pacs,etc.

Sometimes I am scared to go to sleep. I hate living like this.

BTW, I cant to do SSRIs as I tried to Zoloft twice and got CHEST PAIN!! What gives?!?!?

I guess I would just like some advice or support. I'm at the end of my rope, its a miserable existence being in fear all the time.

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