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Re: Misery
Jun 19, 2007
I remember having anxiety problems as far back as I can remember in some form or another.I am 32 now and while I have a pretty good hold of the anxiety I still have my down periods.Stress is a mega trigger for me and well I have a stressful life haha.I can relate to the fear of heart problems.I have had left arm,shoulder,neck,jaw,sometimes chest pains off and on since 05.Oh also another one is some slight left sided facial numbness,lightheadedness.I too have had testing for my heart chest x-ray,EKG,blood,holter monitor,stress test with echocardiogram.Same as you only thing found was some PVC's doctor said "of no real concern." I am the type who will have some physical symptom and unless I find ways to blow it off it gets blown out of proportion and then im stuck in the vicious anxious cycle.I always have physical symptoms though when I get very stressed.So far every time ive went to a doctor its always been "anxiety/stress." I am stressing (trying not too) pretty bad lately due to a course I am taking.So I am yet again having physical symptoms,imagine that.I have long periods of feeling "normal" and then it just hits me again for a while.I have been on medications in the past which most were helpful but there is always side effects and for me it seemed tiredness was always the prominent one.I cannot be tired all of the time when I have a busy schedule with 5 kids.I have learned ways to fight the anxiety like positive self talk and ditching the worry over things beyound my control and it does work alot but there are times like now I cannot seem to shake it off.Anyway,I may not of helped any but I sure can relate.

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