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My heart races sometimes after a meal too. And sometimes within minutes of eating I feel like I'm trying to swallow over a hump.

I've been tested by an allergist for tree pollens, grasses, weeds, molds, etc. The only thing that slightly raised was house dust and mold. And that he said was very minimal. He went ahead and did skin scratch testing for common foods and condiments and drew blood that was analyzed as well.

Food allergy testing came back totally negative. As in absent....undetectable. I'm sitting here typing this with a lump in my throat. I just finished a hand full of potato chips. The bag say's ingredients.....potato, salt, sunflower oil. That's it, no other ingredients or preservatives.

He tells me my symptoms are "food anxiety" due to a terrible episode I had after eating a payday candy bar that was a total coincidence to eating the candybar. And now he say's the experience has left me with "issues" regarding food. Go figure.

I hate feeling like this. I've always enjoyed dining out. Hub and I love nothing better than going to a movie and then to a great restaurant. Now I look at food as the enemy. Something that can kill me. The anxiety over it can be overwhelming. I have alot of good days, and then bam, out of no where the lump appears after eating, and then I think I feel my lower lip swelling, or I'm short of breath, or am I flushing? I run to hub or ask whoever I'm with at that time if they think my lips, tongue or face is swelling. They always say no.

The cycle is viscious. I pace the floor not knowing whether to take benadryl or a xanax (prescribed for esoph spasm). So I just end up pacing for 3-4 hours waiting it out. I just want my life back.

I feel your pain.

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