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Jun 23, 2007
Caffeine - glorious caffeine

Though I'm not nearly as bad as some of my co-workers (one person I know drank close to a case of Coke a day) - I was a slave to routine - having two cups of coffee a day. One I definitely needed to get me up. Then two months ago, I tried one of those detox diets (sort of modified - you could eat all you want, just so it was raw veggies or fruits - and no coffee). I went through some painful headaches for about four days, but then I was fine. And I went back to coffee.

One month ago, I had my first major anxiety attack, and it came after a day of coffee drinking - with the occasional glass of water. The anxiety attack was triggered after my fourth cup of coffee of the day at dinner.

Since then, I've switched to decaf, had the occasional small cup of coffee. But last Friday, I had a fairly big cup of coffee at a local coffee shop before work. While my heart wasn't racing, my chest was definitely tightening, my palms were sweating and I felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack.

My doctor doesn't believe caffeine is the trigger, and my good friend, who has had her share of anxiety attacks, believed that I'm mentally linking caffeine with anxiety and so I'm already setting myself up for an anxiety attack.

Just not too sure what to believe. I'm a big fan of coffee - Tanzanian Peaberry, Kenya, heck, I used to buy coffee online from this coffee house I visited in New Mexico. After 15 years, I would hate to imagine switching to decaf (even though I know there are some awesome decaf blends out there). I've never been a "pot a day" consumer - just two cups on average - with the occasional "four cup hellish workday" day.

It's weird that coffee would affect me this abruptly, but one of my friends told me his coworker woke up in the middle of the night once with a feverishly racing heartbeat from out of nowhere. He went to the emergency room - and it turned out to be caffeine - even though he only drank a cup a day.

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