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It seems that when ever I get all worked up over something I tend to develop muscle twitching. Even after I relax they seem to stick with me for a while (days sometimes)... It's usually in the [U]right[/U] upper thigh and calf and foot, along with a numbness feeling at times too. My hands get a little jerky at times too.... As an anxiety sufferer, you all know what im thinking (ms).... Shhh, don't say it to loud, LOL. So what do you all think?
I did have a ct of the head and sinus about 2 months ago, I was getting headaches, that came back "normal"... Wouldn't something abnormal shown up if I had ms?

I dunno, I am just so sick of being stressed about why Im stressed!!!

So these are ALL my symptoms, not in any particular order or frequency.. Just off and on...

Muscle twitching some weakness
Off balance at times
Off and on bouts of jaw tightness and face numbness
Finger/ hand jerking
Fear of driving some times
Nervous about going into stores at times
Nassau at times
Neck & lower back discomfort

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