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Hi! Wow, you sound a lot like me... I have had mild anxiety pretty much my whole life, but it was always tolerable. I just turned 24 a few weeks ago... and my anxiety hit like a sack of bricks at the end of February, so it's been 4 months. I didn't think I had a stressful life either, but after some time I realized I had a ton going on (work, school, relationship etc.) First I saw my regular doc and he gave me xanax... I didn't see any results so I stopped after a month. Waited awhile longer (naturally hoping to pull myself out of the funk on my own), then began seeing a therapist, who referred me to a Psychatrist because of my depression symptoms. Long story short, I began taking Zoloft 13 days ago. Like you, I was really worrried at first. But I realized the more I thought about it, the less time I was working on getting better. So, one morning I just decided to take it. No real side effects except for slight headache and an increase in anxiety, but I heard that was normal. I can still completely function.

I had asked the psychiatrist about Cymbalta but unfortunately I also suffer from OCD and Cymbalta isn't approved for that.

I say, give it a shot. If something can make you feel better, you should do it. If you don't like how it agrees with you, you can always stop. Good luck ;)

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