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well, it's too late to NOT take Paxil. That is my problem. I got servere anxiety that showed up after the birth of my son 7 yr. ago, and after 6 mo. of not getting over it, and not sleeping for days at a time, by doc put me on Paxil. It was glorious until it stopped working about 3 mo. ago. Then I tried Lexapro, and it did not agree with me, so then I tried Cymbalta, and it did make my mental state good, but I was nervous all the time. Now I wonder if that nervousness was from the Cymbalta, or going cold turkey off the Paxil.
I have a doc app tomorrow, and was going to ask to try Celexa, and then wean off Paxil slowly and onto Celexa.
I was wondering how Prozac worked. I've heard it's not as strong as most of the others, and takes longer to work, so maybe it's not the best choice.

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