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hello all, im a 1* year old boy and the past 3 months have been pretty much hell..

well here it goes, for 3 months now i havent felt like myself. best way to put it right there, i have been so confused and scared about life, the human body, my worries have pretty much taken over my life. i know this isnt normal and its really hard for me to explain this but i'll try, here are my symptoms, i feel dreamy like most of the time, like everything around me isnt happening or like i dont beleive where i am, not all the time though sometimes i feel alright, but thats not the case 80% of the time. i get these feelings like im not in my body or that things just dont make sense, like i was walking back from the basketball court one day and i started thinking "how do my legs work?? am i really controling my legs?? also when im sitting all alone i start wondering about the human body and thinking about breathing and i wonder what if i forget how to breathe?? it sounds stupid i know, but this really makes me panicky when i think about these normal everyday things like breathing moving your legs, sometimes i question life and wonder if i really exist and i start thinking , is this really me?? have i been on this world for 1*years?? i feel like sometimes when i think about memories that i wasnt there, i was just observing things happen, i start thinking about my eyes and i wonder what if i go blind? how do my eyes work??? am i working them?? gah......this might sound weird and i dont blame you if you cant compare...i just hate feeling like this, when i do start over analyzing things like this i get really anxious and panicky and i think i suffer from panic attacks, i dont know i just cant type out all of my feelings...there are so many things that make me scared and on top of this i feel dreamy like all the time and fearful that i will die or lose control of my body....sorry if this is long but i just had to say it...i think i need a shriink, i know i hate living like this scared all the time, afraid to leave my house, i was so pumped a couple months ago for the summer to get a job and make some cash but now im at home all the time asleep until 2, 3 in the afternoon...i dont know if i can handle going back to school in a couple months..what would a therapist do for scared he will think im insane sorry for the length

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