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So I broke my leg last night and have to go for surgery on Tues for it. I take 15mg/lexapro and .25mg/Xanax a day for anxiety and panic attacks.

Dr. told me not to take either that day since I'm having anesthesia, but I'm terrified. I've never had surgery before and have never been put under.

Also, maybe its just me, but it seems like the Lexapro amplifies any other meds I take. I can take 1 Aleve to get rid of a migraine when before I used to pop like 5 Advil to do so. Also, had a local for my wisdom teeth in Dec and he barely had to use any to numb me up.

So, basically I'm terrified that they're gonna give me too much and I'm not gonna wake up. Any reassurance or success stories would be greatly appreciated!!!

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