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Hello!!! I'm right there with ya. LOL

I had a horrific episode in March of this year, of what both an allergist and my internist have now diagnosed as a vaso vaegal incident. It coincidentially happened after ingesting a few bites off of a Payday candy bar. I thought I was dying...and convinced I was going into anaphalactic shock. But the gold standard allergy tests showed negative to all nuts and common foods.

While I was waiting for the test results....I was web surfing....and of course came across the "Big 7". Well.....anxiety kicked in and of course I began thinking I was going to have a life threatening allergic reaction if I ate anything that had one of the 7 in it.......milk, soy, wheat, egg, tree nuts, fish, or shell fish.

My weight plummeted into the 90's. I started getting a lump in my throat everytime I ate something. I started feeling like my throat was tightening up and sometimes itching. The more upset I became....the more symptoms appeared. Like....the under side of my hands would become bright red. My face and neck would sometimes flush too, along with bright red knee caps! LOL what's with bright red knee caps? :dizzy:

When I went back in for the results of the allergy bloodwork, and the allergist saw that my weight had plummeted close to 10 pounds within a couple weeks....he became very concerned. He said...I'll sit here as long as you need me to and answer every single question you have to convince you that you have NO food allergies...and certainly no peanut allergy. I said "what if the tests are wrong? What if they are giving a false negative?"

He said "please Vickie....I would never tell you to eat any of these things if I felt there was that possibility. True, no test is 100%....but as far as medical testing goes....these two tests are so incredibly reliable that I have absolutely no concerns. Please go eat, and start enjoying your life again. And if you ever need to talk to me again...for reassurance please call me".

Well.....he was so great, considerate...compassionate and understanding....that I left his office more calm than I had been in over 6 weeks. I slowly started having enough courage to venture back into food land. And guess what.....the lump is 95% better. And each time I challenge myself and order something with another one of the 7 in it and see that I do fine....I feel more in control and stronger. I have only 1 left to add back in....the shell fish. (the peanuts.....NO or no doctor, test or no test....I will never eat another peanut, since the attack happened within 1 hour of eating some). :eek:

Hopefully you will feel better knowing your not alone with this anxiety manifestation. :)

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