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Well, welcome to my world everyone! Everything that got posted explained my symptoms to a T! I had the saliva/swallowing problem years ago in high school, right before a move from one state to another one. I, too, became aware of my swallowing like overnight! My symptoms also disappeared and I didn't have it for several years. It came back in 2006 after I had met someone on-line who I really, really liked. I started "remembering" the old problem and the need to be "perfect" in this new relationship. I have since then done a lot of research on-line and through books. I have been told by Dr. Stephen Brodsky in New York, that it is a common OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) symptom. I have also been told by an on-line therapist from London that she has treated it as an OCD symptom and as a phobia. My first therapist just called it anxiety, but Dr. Brodsky is calling it OCD. In Linda Maran's book Confronting the OCD Bully, under misc. traits in OCD people it lists "the fear of blinking, swallowing and breathing, either too much or too little". [COLOR="Red"]{REMOVED}[/COLOR] He does phone consultations, but encourages you to see someone locally. Believe me, my faith in God is what has been sustaining me. : ) I will keep all of you in my prayers. It did go away for me back in high school on its own, but I would encourage seeking out help, maybe even medication. Chewing gum can alleviate the problem for me, as well as exercising a lot and RELAXING. I have found our problem posted a lot of times on the internet, so please don't feel alone. There is someone just the other day who posted on the OCD board about our problem...and yes, quiet rooms are not fun, unless I chew some gum. However, exposure and response therapy, which is what helps OCD, would suggest that you expose yourself to situations that make you feel anxious and then resist the compulsion. I don't know how much I have helped, but again, you are all in my prayers and you are not alone.

I do have acid reflux, so I think that also adds to any excessive saliva problem, although mine has gotten much better lately.


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