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When I looked up the three drugs, I noticed constipation was a side effect for Xanax and not the other two. I have experienced this in the last few weeks when I have been taking Xanax as needed for aniety.

I know in general the three of these drugs are to slow you down, but if constipation becomes a factor, I will have anxiety over that.

Has anyone experienced this?

What are the major differences people are seeing who have tried all three drugs?

Also I have read you need stronger doses of Valium compared with Xanax to be equally effective.

Thank you.
Hi i have not tried a 3 ,but 2 of them.I already had problems going anyway.However there is alot of stuff for that you can take daily and drink alot.If that is the only reason then i wouldnt worry just eat fiber and drink.If you notice it at all start taking something.Good luck
I take Klonopin as needed but I've never had constipation from it. Klonopin is more prescribed than the other two because it doesn't effect your muscles/reflexes, etc. as much. I've taken the other two as well but not for a very long time. But as far as taking larger doses of valium, you can't really compare mgs per drug b/c each drug has it's own levels where it's effective. For example, I take 150 mg of my anti-depressant which is mid-level, but many people only take 20 mg of paxil for the same effect.

Similarly, a 1 mg klonopin has the same effect as a 10 mg valium in most people. It's just the strength of the individual drug per mg. not really a stronger dose.
I already take Metamucil every night. I have always had trouble with my bowels.
and 80MG of Prozac each day.

Thanks for responding.
I think Ativan is most effective, although is not one of the medications you included on your list. It worked wonders for me when I needed it (bad panick attacks) and I would recommend it to anyone. Some people say it's milder than Xanax.

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