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Can anyone help me?

I have suffered what the Docs term as panic attacks for best part of 15yrs, YES 15yrs. About 5 yrs ago i got some Valium from my Doc to help me get thru flying. I found this took the edge of my symptoms. The symptoms i have are not a list like most ppl with panic attacks feel, but just the ONE !!

I feel this cming on from absolutely no where. A sudden feeling that i have to draw in a deep breath, which doesnt come, i cant get a full amount of air in my lungs, my chest wont let me as it feels so tight.

Then i will get one breath that will go all th eway in and im fine for abt 30 seconds till i feel i need another breath, this goes on for ages and then i find i hyperventilate. It used to be that if i felt this coming on and took a 5mg valium it would take the edge off, but whats worrying me now is it doesnt do anything anymore. I dont take more than one aday so im sure im not addicted or my body has gotten used ot them, but they just dont work now, and im thinking maybe its because my stress levels are higher.

I have tried deep breathing which maks it worse, i am now having problems going out anywhere in my car as i know it will come on while im out and scares me.

Ok i know i wont die as ive gotten thru them before, but its terrifying when its happening , im scared, embarrassed to show anyone how im feeling and just want relief which i cant find. Im flying in 4 days time i DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO HELPPPPPPPPPPP


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