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Hello, this is my first thread on this forum and I am a new member to this site,

My big question is, is it safe to drink alcohol whilst taking Citalopram/Celexa?

I read up and some sites say yes, whilst others say no, they don't tell the reasons as to why no person taking celexa should not drink, presumably to do with the sedative effects that the two combined can cause in certain people.

I have ben on it for over 3 months but never really knew why I should not drink, if anybody on here is taking this anti-depressant and has experience good or bad when drinking then I would very much like to know.

Thank you
just myexperience..... i have been on celexa before and paxil now for 5 years. i have drank on it the whole time. i told my doc. i have a couple glasses of wine a few times a week. i have no problems at all. my doc said a few is fine. it can make the meds not work. and also i have my liver tested every year. but, i drink with no problems at all.
Yeah, I did some research on this when I got started on Zoloft. I drink wine every night with dinner and have not noticed any bad effects, other than the alcohol hits me harder than usual (it's a well known fact anti depressants will amplify the effect of the alcohol). So drinking a little is ok, a lot not so good.

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