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I am so stubborn that I have resisted any form of anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication my whole life. I have lied to my father about seeing a school therapist in the past 2 months. I am on the brink of graduating from a world class university, about to start my real working life, and although I am extremely neurotic, I have this intense pride issue that I seem to not be able to let go of. I am a caring and loving person and I have nothing against the use of medication. In fact, I encourage it immensely to people and think it's fantastic that it helps so many people. Both of my parents are on meds (Dad on prozac and klonopin, Mom on effexor), my cousin has been on a high dose of effexor, several very close friends of mine have been on lexapro and paxil..I have kicked my panic disorder but it has resulted in obsessive anxiety tendencies. My dad says to me, "Nick, just at least try a small dosage of medication that a doctor could recommend..if it is not for you, then stop." But for me, even if i do that, I will still have that short period in which I did take medication. Rationally, I realize that at some point I should probably try it, as it can';t hurt and could probably make my anxiety diminish at least a little bit. But alas, my self image seems to be more important than trying methods to relieve anxiety. How disgusting is that? I am ashamed that I feel this way but I really feel like I will sink into a depression just knowing that I am taking medication..Also worried about feeling different, even though my friends said it helped them feel themselves again. As i said again, i have nothing against it and think it's great that people use it, I just wish I could get past my inflated ego of myself and allow myself to try it. I admit to having periods of very frustrating and agonizing anxiety, in which I have used both alcohol and other things to try to calm down. ANyone have any advice on this??Any similar experiences..feelings..I would really appreciate some feedback..I need to get over myself and get a grip. Thanks..take care everyone


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