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hey all. just been put on cipralex 10mg by my GP for anxiety disorder, social anxiety & major depressive disorder.
i first went to my GP about a year ago after i realised that the severe anxiety & depression i'd suffered from for about 4 years since the age of about 16-17 was just not going to go away on its own.
i took citalopram for a few months (40mg) but there was no improvement. then i changed to sertaline. still, no improvement. if anything these just made my anxiety worse. i tried beta blockers for a month (ive since found info on the web these should not be prescribed for anxiety disorder) but again, no joy. i had a month on venlafaxine but wa quite a low dose (75mg a day) & this, surprise surprise, also didn't help.
for the last 10 months or so ive been on mirtazapine (40mg). this doesnt really help with the anxiety at all & i was still having bouts of severe depression/low moods/despair but i noticed some of the physical symptoms of the depression lifted. i didn't feel so exausted all the time & the chronic pain in my jaw from involountary clenching has more or less gone away. i think this is mainly because mirtazapine is also a sedative & i took it at night so i wasnt spending hours lying awake every night with my mind racing. i'd say the slight improvement in my general health comes from a combination of sleeping better & eating healthier, cutting caffeine & fizzy drinks out of my diet etc, rather than as a direct result of mirtazapine as an anti-depressant.
because i was still having severe anxiety problems i also couldnt really value these improvments; it wasnt enough (i'd gladly go back to feeling tired all the time if i could somehow trade it for having no anxiety).
so yesterday my GP prescribes cipralex. to be honest i wasnt feeling positive about it at all. ive already tried several SSRI's before with no success, i was going from the maximum dose of one drug to a medium dose of another & i felt that i was just kind of getting fobbed off/not taken seriously. i was off a mindset that the only thing that will ever help with my anxiety is benzos (i was prescribed lorazepam for a couple of weeks & yes, it worked very well). i took my first pill this morning & i can honestly say this is the best day i've had for years. i feel more positive, calmer, im concentrating better, feeling more cheerful & a lot more chatty/engaged. ive been speaking to people at work & enjoying conversation for converstions sake, rather than feeling withdrawn & self consious. there were still part of today when my anxiety was still pretty bad (even worse at times) but i know this should go away after a few weeks (hopefully). basically today is the first day in a long time that ive felt postive about the future & though that actually, i can control this thing. its weird because i know anti-depressants should take a few weeks to kick in & i shouldnt get any benefit this early on but honestly, i feel so much better today. i dont know if its just a psychosomatic reaction to changing medication but i really really hope that finally, ive found the right SSRI for me & that i will just keep getting better. i knew that different SSRI's affect people differently but i thought that if something like mirtazapine didnt work for me, nothing would. but honestly, for about the past 6 months before today, my social anxiety has been so bad it has even stretched to internet forums (i basically stopped posting from every forum i ued, even medical ones like this). this seems kind of ridiculous to me right now.
sorry for the ultra long post. the main reason im posting is to find out if anyone else has had this success with cipralex or if anyone has had postive effects on the first day of trying a new med. if so was the improvement long term? id also like to know if there is any reasons why cipralex should be so effective for anxiety (i notice it is recommended to be prescibed for panic disorder etc, im sure a lot of the other meds i was on were mainly advertised to treat depression)

if you read all that, thanks

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