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HI All,

Not sure if anyone will read this, but here goes...

Im writing this to tell you all that you CAN beat anxiety and depression.
I was 21 when I had my first panic attack ( Im 28 now). At the time, I didnt know what it was...I thought I had a heart problem! But when I spoke to my mum, who had the same thing at my age, I realised it was more than physical.

I had just gone through a break-up and some other tough events when the attacks started. I was agrophobic, so I didnt/couldnt go outside for months. I would wake up and vomit each morning, I lost a lot of weight ( Got down to 40 Kg) and could not see people.

Eventually, a doctor came to my house and prescribe me Xanax. This is what got me outside. I got off it, though it took a while, and went on Lexapro (which Im still on now, seven years later). I get night sweats now and then and I get down, but overall I have beaten it!!!

I know it seems like it wont get better, but it does :)


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